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Như nhiều bạn cũng biết Newspaper là một theme rất đẹp và có hơn 34841 lượt sale là mọt theme rất thích hợp để làm blog, web về báo chí tuy nhiên nó có cái giá hơi mắt là 64$ ( giá lúc trước là 59$) nên mình nghị nhiều bạn cần nhưng chua mua nổi nên mình sẽ share cho các bạn bản sạch 100% không virut các bạn yên tâm xài

Link Theme Newspaper: https://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609
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Version 7.8.1 – April 10, 2017

  • improvement: we updated Visual Composer to the latest version
  • improvement: tagDiv Social Counter was updated to the latest version, this fixes the issue with Facebook

Version 7.7 – February 3rd, 2017


    • new: this theme version has support for block templates and it comes with 17 bundled templates. A block template can change the appearance of a blocks title, pagination and more. The global block template will also affect the way comments, related posts and widgets look and feel.
    • new: widgets can use block templates that are different from the global one that is selected in the panel
    • new: options for google font weights and styles. The theme will only load the needed font weights and styles from now on
    • misc: author box is added as a widget now
    • misc: added footer social icons color option
    • misc: archive widget style
    • misc: The Header Style section from Theme Panel was redesigned with icons to be more user friendly
    • misc: image box block now supports custom gaps between pictures and custom heights
    • misc: widgets can now use an image upload control. The first widget to use this is the imagebox widget
    • misc: google fonts now always load as one file
    • misc: theme panel layout and spacing is much improved now
    • misc: inline ad displays at the last paragraph whenever there are not as many paragraphs mentioned in After Paragraph field and the article bottom ad is not active
    • misc: we updated the list of compatible plugins in the theme
    • fix: update the instagram icon
    • fix: pulldown filter alignment on category template 8
    • fix: image caption link on smartlists was not working
    • fix: the tagline from the text logo
    • fix: instagram widget on the boxed version was overflowing
    • fix: the password reset link that was sent from our login modal window was not working
    • fix: for buddypress styling issue – members, activity, groups pages and search form
    • fix: we switched to https all the post sharing links
    • fix: the mobile theme did not load the translations from the theme’s .po .mo files
    • fix: the not secured warning in chrome only appears now when the login box is opened
    • fix: theme action error in the status panel when the theme is already activated
    • fix: featured images from vimeo videos are now larger
    • fix: ajax login works now via https
    • fix: the sample plugin that shows how to add new modules and blocks works as expected now. It was giving a fatal error

Version 7.6.1 – January 26th, 2017


    • fix: We modified the login modal window code to only appear on the page when front page login is enabled. This makes sure that some versions of Chrome browser will not mark the site as Not Secure.

Link Demo:http://preview.themeforest.net/item/newspaper/full_screen_preview/5489609
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